Roof Restorations in Penrith

SILVERLEAF can restore your old tired drab roof back to its former glory for a fraction of the price of a new roof. With over 32 colours of Roof membrane and a 10yr warranty direct from Dulux roof paint Australia, you can rest assured your roof restorations are of the highest possible standard in Penrith.

Stages of a Roof Restorations

Stage 1

All broken, chipped, damaged or defective tiles are replaced.

Stage 2

The entire roof area is cleaned using high pressure cleaning (3500psi), with a final rinse of your roof, gutters, walls, windows and surrounding area.

Stage 3

Rebbeding. This is where all caps are lifted and the old cement is removed, then the caps are re-laid on a new bed of sand & cement.

Stage 4

Repointing. This is where a second and final layer of flexible pointing   compound “Flexi point” is trowelled over the sand & cement bed, sealing cap to tile.

Stage 5

Sterilization. (Where necessary) A fungicide is applied to the roof tiles to prevent any fungal or algae re-growth, which could cause a potential coating failure.

Stage 6

Primer/Sealer. Depending on the age and surface condition of the roof tiles, an appropriate acrylic primer/sealer is applied to ensure the best adhesion with 962-roof membrane.

Stage 7

Colouring. 2 coats of Dulux 962 roof membrane are applied to the roof tiles to complete the restoration process, leaving your old roof looking like new.